Freddy Krumins- vocalist

I meet Freddy through Craigslist. He has been so great to work with. I send him an MP3 & lyrics of my music, he sends me back a Master and seperate vocal tracks of the song.  Please visit his SoundCloud site. You will not be disappointed.

-People I have been fortunate to have perform on my songs-


Doug Topham- lead guitar

My wife's brother, fabulous guitarist


Deedee Cooper- great drummer

A good friend. I love playing music with this guy.


Leilani Stewart- vocalist

I chanced meeting Leilani when I was filling in as a bassist for a friend's performance. Classically trained, she can sing anything.

Roy Gray- percussionist

I started playing with Roy around the beginning of 2018. Fabulous drummer. I parted ways with the band about six months later.

Lewis Mathis- vocals, lead guitar, bass guitar, & drum programming

I was the middle son of three sons, born and raised in Southern California. I started playing guitar back in 1968 at the age of 12 on an old Gibson ES330, which I still own. I played for a very short time in a little band with some friends about a year later. At the age of 24, I played lead guitar in the rock band Tobias in 1980 & 1981.  I joined the band Vigilante playing bass guitar in late 1982-1984. After a 33 year break I joined my brother-in-law, Doug Topham in 2017 as Shadow playing originals as well as covers. I have been married to my present wife, Carrie, since 1983. She is my inspiration and subject of many of my songs. Our name Shadow was recommended by our dog, Shadow. I am not sure of her motavation.

Lewis Mathis- 2018



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