The Return of a King, pt 2;

Asylum by Lewis Mathis- 2018

Lewis Mathis- vocals, all guitars, & drum programming

The Return of a King, pt1;

The Quest by Lewis Mathis- 1983

Lewis Mathis- vocals, all guitars, & drum programming

Dreamer of Dreams by Lewis Mathis- 2018

Lewis Mathis- vocals & all guitars;

Deedee Cooper- drums


I woke up one morning and thought that I should try to write a country/western song. I don't know if it is or not, but it sounds a lot like the stuff that gets played at the hardware store. The story is of my young man's dream of becoming a rock & roll star.

New Audio

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You will find here audio, video, and event information for my musical adventure. 'The Shadow Project' is mainly myself doing all song parts. But,on occasion, I do get an individual who would like to be a part of one of them. Please continue to check back as I hope to update this site frequently. If you enjoy this site, please share it with your friends. Subscribing to my YouTube channel would be greatly appreciated and I know it would sure help me out.

Any singers or musicians interested in being a part of any of these songs are welcome. Please text or email me through info below.

I hope you have a great life.

Thank you, Lewis


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The Return of a King

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The Return of a King, pt 3;

The Brink of It All by Lewis Mathis- 2018

LewisMathis- vocals, all guitars & drum programming

New Video

The Return of a King is my 7 song, 30 minute story that I started working on in 1983. All that is left is getting all the music recorded.

The Return of a King, pt 4;

The Vision, revisited by Lewis Mathis- 2021

Lewis Mathis- vocals, all guitars & drum programming

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